Indulge in my extensive wardrobe, and get a real taste of what I love to wear for
our real Equestrian Fetish sessions! And yes, they don't get much more authentic than this!


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Thigh, crotch and knee high, leather stiletto boots in black, red, white, brown and tan!
I'm expecting a new pair in the next few weeks called The Riding Mistress! I can't wait!

I also have a unique pair of snake skin, military style, stiletto boots with gold tips!

Stunning collection of genuine vintage Spurs!


Exquisite Leather Gloves, in black, tan, honey, brown, tawny, caramel, pastel blue,
hunter green, warm orange, scarlet, lipstick and apple red, white, cream, and burgundy.
In various styles, some with button and zip detail, and lengths, fingerless, wrists, elbow
and opera! My collection is vast and I can never tire from receiving new pairs!

Gorgeous traditional Tweed, made to measure, jackets with leather button detail at
the front and on the sleeves. Silk lining. A couple have velvet collars.

Crisp white, cream, pastel shades of pink, paisley blue, and stripe shirts with
stiff collars! And to accessorise my shirts, while paying particular attention
to detail, a selection of stunning cufflinks!

I have a selection of super figure hugging cream colour jodhpurs. A stunning
collection of tan, red and black leather trousers, and a couple of tan suede jodhpurs!

Quality Bull Whips, Lunge Whips, and Leather Crops, with leather cleaners,
polishers, and preservers, purchased from my local Equestrian shops!

Two genuine Leather Saddles, brown and black!
Leather Bridles, Reins, Bits, Stirrups, Martingales, Harnesses, and Irons.

Pony Trap with metal frame and leather seat. Stables, Paddock and Gardens!


The above list of quintessential riding garments, accessories, props
and enclosures are for the English Equestrian Lady! The beauty of this Fetish is
being able to utilise BDSM outside, while indulging in this type of role play!


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I have always loved riding horses, even mucking out!!! The fresh country air filling my lungs,
while building up a nice sweat from keeping the yard tidy, and stables filled with fresh straw!

It is certainly a fantastic way of keeping fit!! The best part for me is the ultimate in stimulation
from mounting a big 16 / 17 hand brute and taking control of him! All it takes is the squeeze of
my toned thighs, while nestling my spurs into his flanks, just enough for him to feel the pinch!

So, if you share the same Equestrian passion as me, not only will you thoroughly enjoy
my movies, but if you have an opportunity to visit my manor, you can experience it for real!

How would you like to experience being caged in my stable, surrounded by bales of hay,
straw, leathers, saddles, and thigh stiletto leather boots, with vintage Spurs!

Lady Annabelle, dressed in all her fine Equestrian wear, austere in presence, severe in stance,
yet displaying a hint of sensitivity, as she enters the barn. Wearing tight figure hugging cream
jodhpurs, a Belvoir Tweed hacking jacket, with a Mark Todd schooling Whip clutched in
her left hand, tucked neatly under her arm.......!

What will become of her humble stable boy?!

Fully equipped with my cast iron cage, leather saddles, whips, crops, shackles and irons!

Sink into my decadent movies and see for yourself how I, as "The Equestrian Lady" schools,
trains and transforms my slaves into real stable boys, being controlled, manipulated and
molded to my exacting expectations. I expect nothing less, than to have my
stable boys serving me to the best of their abilities and beyond!

Write to me if you would like to find out more about my Equestrian sessions!




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